👋 Hello and Welcome to Bishop Tech!
My name is Chris Bishop, I'm a developer from Toronto, Canada with a passion for Cybersecurity.

One thing I noticed as I started learning to code is the access to educational content catered around beginners and those trying to enter the world of computer science and cybersecurity is hard to find.

Even more the access to affordable or free content to take you from knowing nothing to job ready is even more scarce.

So as a recent grad from Ryerson University, with my Computer Science degree in hand, I decided I wanted to make it my mission to create a site to solve this problem! That is why I created Bishop Tech. I wanted to create a personal blog to track my journey in the start of my career. Along the way I want to use this platform to give back and teach other interested people the skills I've gained or the lessons I've learned. Again, with the goal in mind of making learning to code and getting into the industry more accessible for anyone with an interest!

In the early part of my career I have been afforded many opportunities and already learned so much about coding and business. So I can't wait to share with you all that I have learned and am excited to grow together with you as we aim to achieve our dreams in this digital world!

Have any questions for me?

Feel free to shoot me an email below! 😊